Pre & Postnatal Fitness

Build strength, mobility, and mindfulness as you prepare for labor and transform into motherhood. These sessions incorporate yoga, release work, and strength training suitable for all fitness levels. Laura will work with you from the comfort of your own home and provide a personalized handout after each session.


Kids Yoga 

Yoga is a wonderful way for your child to develop balance and coordination while learning about the importance of mindfulness. During these sessions we will focus on fun and energizing yoga poses in connection with our breath. Kids Yoga can be scheduled one-to-one, in small groups, or for special events (such as birthday parties, school and community events).  

Mom & Baby Yoga

These sessions will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to build strength and reconnect with your body while enjoying the company of your little one. We will also practice simple baby massage techniques to help stimulate the central nervous system. Mom & Baby Yoga is suitable for women six weeks postpartum and onwards, and can be scheduled privately or with a small group.

Yoga Girls

Girls can be hard on themselves and each other. During these two-hour sessions, we’ll focus on building connection with each other through movement, ‘girl talk’, and mindfulness strategies. Pre-registration only.

Mums & Movers Yoga

The best kind of chaos - nurture yourself with a safe and challenging yoga practice while the kids crawl and toddle around us. All welcome, including Dads, Mums, carers, grandparents, etc. with children under the age of two years old. [View schedule


Interested in general yoga for adults? Visit for more information.

Doula Services

Traditionally a doula is a female caregiver who offers non-medical support to women and their partners during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. Doulas do not diagnose medical conditions, offer second opinions, or give medical advice. Instead they offer physical, emotional, and educational support, empowering families with important tools for self-care. Research shows that working with a doula can decrease the length of labor, reduce stress, and create a more memorable and positive birth experience. As a result, babies have higher Apgar scores, stronger bonds with their parents, and increased breastfeeding success. Read more about what a doula can do.

When you choose to work with Laura, you will receive prenatal, labor, and postpartum support as part of one comprehensive package. Book a free 30-minute consult to discuss rates, payments plans, and additional services.

Packages starting at £280

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Prenatal Support
Meet in-person with Laura to discuss your birth preferences, practice breathing techniques, and learn more about what to expect during pregnancy, labor, and birth. You will also have ongoing access to Laura via text and/or email.



Labor & Birth Support
Call Laura the minute active labor begins! She will provide valuable support throughout your labor and delivery either in your home, hospital, or birthing centre. This support includes any comfort measures discussed during prenatal visits.


Postpartum Support
Follow-up with Laura after baby is born to discuss your birth story, as well as postpartum care for Mum and baby. Extra support, including childcare and light housekeeping, can be added to your package for an additional cost.


Early Childhood Education

In addition to being a yoga teacher, Laura is currently working toward her Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. She spent four years of her career working at Branksome Hall Asia, a highly respected international school in Jeju, South Korea. During this time Laura became the Coordinator of the Early Years program, and worked with colleagues to develop a play-based program that reflected current research about how young children learn best. Laura is very passionate about outdoor education,  and believes that playing in the natural world benefits healthy childhood development.  

Laura offers workshops for parents and educators, covering a variety of topics relevant to early childhood.

Prices vary depending on the length of the session and the materials needed. Please contact us for details.