Baby Input/Output Recording Chart - Created by Child’s Pose


Seven Sisters for Seven Days - An incredible resource for postpartum planning

Mood Disorders

Mum's Mental Health Checklist - Short online checklist to assess you own mental health

Why Don't I Feel Happy? - A useful personal piece about postpartum mood disorders

Postpartum Support International - Resources and support for postpartum mood disorders

Postpartum Progress - A great blog about maternal mental health

Coping with Depression During Pregnancy and Postpartum - PDF download

Recommended Products

Earth Mama Organics - Tea, Sitz Bath, Perineal Spray, etc.

Hot Mama Ab Balm (Postpartum Belly Balm)

The Ab System - 2 ab tanks, 1 ab wrap, & Core Confidence Exercise Program

Baby Belly Pelvic Support - Belt for during pregnancy/postpartum

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Yoga for Prolapse - Poses to choose and what to avoid


Doing It At Home Podcast (Episode 115) - The Postpartum Episode for Dads

Birthful Podcast (Episode 123) - Setting up Your Postpartum Support

Birth Kweens (Episode 17) - Postpartum Healing and the Fourth Trimester

Birth Kweens (Episode 6) - The Postpartum Period: When Everyone is Wearing a Diaper