Pain management

What is an epidural? - This short film will show you how an epidural is performed

Epidurals: Risks and Concerns for Mother and Baby

Ball Stretches During Labor - YouTube video that can also be used during pregnancy


Labor & Birth Position Handbook by Bellies Inc.


Spinning Babies - Online and in-person resources for fetal positioning

TICC TOCC - Information about the benefits of delayed cord clamping

Stages of Labor Info Sheet - Created by Child’s Pose

Evidence Based Birth - A wonderful website that makes birth research accessible

GentleBirth - ‘Positive birth through preparation’; online courses and resources


The Gentle Cesarean - A piece about the importance of creating a birth vs. an operation

Risks and Complications for Mother and Baby - by the American Pregnancy Association

Is elective repeat cesarean truly safer than planned VBAC? - by Henci Goer

Risk for Mother: Higher with Cesarean Birth? - by Birth Without Fear

International Cesarean Awareness Network


Birth Kweens Podcast (Episode 30) - All about VBACs

Calculator to predict VBAC success

Are You an Ideal Candidate for VBAC? - by

Weighing Pros and Cons of Planned VBAC - by Lamze International

VBAC Facts - A great website filled with information about VBACs

BReech birth

Birth Kweens Podcast (Episode 72) - Breech Birth


Birth Kweens Podcast (Episode 13) - An Eviction Notice for Your Uterus