Mums & Movers Yoga

- Mums & Movers Yoga -


Our Mums & Movers Yoga group in Cambourne is off to a great start! These classes are the best kind of chaos, and allow you to nurture yourself with a safe and challenging yoga practice while the kids crawl and toddle around us. Mums & Movers is specifically designed with the postpartum body in mind, and uses a unique combination of yoga poses complimented by methods from the Bellies Inc. postnatal fitness program. Our goal is to recover and restore by building strength and length, all through the lens of a yoga practice. We also focus on integrating the ‘core breath’ throughout each sequence in the same way we would practice pranayama in any yoga class.

Last week we focused on shoulder and chest mobility using a variety of yoga props. As a Mum there are a lot of things that can contribute to tightness in both the shoulders and chest, so this sequence was designed to help release tension in these areas. This Mum received a great hands-on adjustment from her little one!


During Mums & Movers we talk a lot about ‘functional movements for motherhood’ and how the movements and release work practiced in class can be applied to our everyday lives. Coming to yoga class is great but it’s only one hour out of your day - thinking about how you can apply these principles off your mat is the key to a healthy body and mind!

Interested in joining us? Our next session will be Tuesday, March 26th from 1-2pm at the Sports Pavilion in Cambourne. All are welcome, including Dads, Mums, carers, and grandparents. For more details, visit our Facebook page.

Laura also offers private and small group Pre & Postnatal sessions upon request.